RAW Portrait of Brent Reaney by Carl Finkbeiner

What's a RAW portrait?

Regularly described as authentic, everything about our portraits is natural, from the gorgeous window light to the free-flowing, often therapeutic, conversation on a variety of topics during a session. Some shots are candid, some are comfortably posed, and all reveal something deeper about you.

The goal is to help you face, and embrace, images of yourself, even when the person you see doesn’t match the image in your head, who you see in the mirror or how you usually present yourself in photos.

Through this process, we create classic portraits showcasing the complicated, interesting person you are, which you’ll be proud to display in your home or office or share online for years to come.

Is a RAW Portrait for me?

This process works well for certain people. That could be you, if you want:

  • A complicated image that subtly represents who you are
  • A portrait that is interesting but might not be traditionally flattering
  • To reflect on things in your life as part of a thoughtful conversation
  • To spend an hour or more in the studio to create a timeless image

However, a RAW Portrait is not for you, if you’re looking for:

  • A beauty or glamour shot where you’re smiling ear-to-ear
  • A place to have your photo taken and be finished in 15 minutes
  • The cheapest place to have a photo taken
  • A luxury photo studio with high-end furnishings

About Brent Reaney

With a background in journalism, I want my portrait work to capture emotions and expressions often kept private, which are part of your authentic self. I'm based in Philadelphia, originally from Toronto and have lived, and travelled, around the world. This range of experience helps me achieve a high degree of rapport with my subjects with the goal of creating images with a subtle complexity that makes the viewer linger and return.

I have published, exhibited and sold photographic work in North America, as well as internationally and am currently enrolled in the contemporary practices certificate program at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.



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